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Sunday, March 29, 2020

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2014 : July

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Myrtle Rust Pathogen in Limpopo
1 August, 2014
Recently, we detected the pathogen at a second site in South Africa, this time on a native South African host in the genus Eugenia. read more
Prof Brenda Wingfield wins NSTF award
7 July, 2014
FABI was once again in the limelight at last night's 2013/14 NSTF-BHP Billiton gala dinner and awards ceremony.  Top Science and Technology leaders and captains of industry are acknowledged here for their contributions to science in this country. read more
Disease resistance: a moving target in plants
1 July, 2014
Interesting video clip and article about the life cycle of Stem Rust in wheat, and how resistance against this fungus can be accomplished through traditional breeding and genetic modification. read more
Work’s all fun(gi) for UP researcher
1 July, 2014
Univeristy of Pretoria
Mention fungi and most people will think of mushrooms or mouldy cheese. For Prof Brenda Wingfield fungi are the stuff that genomics researchers' dreams are made of, and her life's work. read more