Forestry in South Africa
Friday, April 3, 2020

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2016 : July

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Two Ralstonia species associated with bacterial wilt of Eucalyptus
26 July, 2016
Ralstonia solanacearum sensu lato causes bacterial wilt in many economically important agronomic crops and tree species. Eucalyptus is one of the recorded hosts but despite the losses to forestry, little is known regarding the disease.  read more
New rules on toxic waste
25 July, 2016
Dolphin Bay Chemicals
New regulations governing the classification of toxic waste will come into effect in August and, in anticipation, the Vissershok landfill site ceased its current waste analysis service at end of June.  read more
How forests recover rapidly on logging roads in the Congo Basin
25 July, 2016
The Conversation
Large areas of tropical forest worldwide are used for selective logging which requires extensive road networks to access trees harvested for timber. It is well documented that building roads into intact forest can have consequences for forest ecosystems. read more
Norway commits to zero deforestation
25 July, 2016
Norway is a leader in funding forest conservation around the world, and has also taken a stand for the human rights of forest communities. But now the country has announced that it will walk the walk itself. read more
The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Tree Drought
3 July, 2016
Liverpool Tree Care
This guide explains how tree drought occurs and then lists four practical steps you can take to reduce the risk of tree drought. read more