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Thursday, November 21, 2019

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2014 : May

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A sink down under
28 May, 2014
The finding that semi-arid ecosystems in the Southern Hemisphere may be largely responsible for changes in global concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide has repercussions for future levels of this greenhouse gas. read more
Carving up the Amazon
28 May, 2014
A rash of road construction is causing widespread change in the world's largest tropical forest - with potentially global consequences. read more
FSC+20 Forum
27 May, 2014
In its 20th year, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) invites all media to attend the FSC+20 Forum in Seville, Spain, from 8-10 September 2014.  read more
Forestry and Profitability: Thriving or Surviving?
27 May, 2014
This promises to be a highly relevant and interesting perspective for all who work in forestry, including forestry research and the management and application thereof, and will focus on how well foresters/researchers know and understand their costs and how their operations contribute towards the profitability of their organization. read more
Celebrating 25 years of the Tree Protection Cooperative Programme (TPCP)
19 May, 2014
For many centuries, people all over the globe have been fascinated by the origin of species, which factors safeguard their status quo, and where they are headed given probable change - the trifecta of existence, as it were. read more
Seeing the Forest for the Trees: The Annual CTHB Research Meeting
19 May, 2014
Autumn is seen as the season of change. Apart from the figurative connotations, we also start to feel the mornings getter colder, the sun setting earlier. More importantly, we become quite aware of our deciduous woody friends who richly shed their leaves across our streets and driveways. read more
Poachers take chunks from California redwoods, put majestic trees at risk
12 May, 2014
Tree poaching conjures up the lawless Amazon jungle, but America's magnificent redwood forests now face a piecemeal but steady assault by poachers too, California officials say. read more
Release sites for biocontrol agent of Bronze Bug
2 May, 2014

We will possibly obtain a consignment of Cleruchoides noackae (biocontrol agent for the bronze bug, Thaumastocoris peregrinus) from Australia later in May and require good release sites for these parasitic wasps.

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