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2019 : May

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Nokian Ground Kare – New Excavator and Backhoe Loader Tire Meadows, Roads and Railways
30 May, 2019
In the field of excavator tires, one solution is seldom optimal for all purposes. That is why Nokian Tyres wants to offer a full range of tires with emphasis on different surfaces and stability demands. The latest addition to our selection is Nokian Ground Kare, a special excavator tire. read more
Platooning in the logistics industry: Researchers see great potential in real operations after tests
22 May, 2019
Successful completion of pilot project run by DB Schenker, MAN Truck & Bus and Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. Operating electronically linked trucks on German motorways is safe, technically reliable and easily applicable in the routine of a logistics company. read more
What you need to know about depression in truckers
17 May, 2019
Depression in Truckers
Depression in truckers really exists in the trucking industry, although not widely known or discussed much. Many years ago, I worked with a fellow by the name of Doug. He was a great guy. He seemed happy, always joking around. He was the life of the party. read more
World's #1 Tractor, now at home in South Africa
15 May, 2019
In its endeavour to establish South Africa as its home outside India, Mahindra South Africa announced entry into its fourth business line, by introducing its range of tough and efficient farming equipment. The announcement was made at a gala event in the North West... read more
Connected C-me vest enhances driver safety
3 May, 2019
Ahead of the commercial launch of Scania's connected driver vest, it is being displayed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 25-28 Febru­ary. The Scania C-me vest is a connected safety vest that features automatic lighting when exiting the cab. read more
A strategic approach to electrification: matching the right solution to customer needs
3 May, 2019
Thanks to decades of innovation in improving engine technology, today's cars, trucks and other vehicles are cleaner and quieter than ever. More stringent regulations worldwide are driving manufacturers to redesign products to meet more ambitious standards. read more