Forestry in South Africa
Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Nukor Group
Nukor Group
Telephone : (011) 610 2000
Fax : (011) 610 2020
Website :
E-mail :
Province : National
Country : South Africa
Postal Address : P.O. Box 34567, Jeppestown, 2043, South Africa
Physical Address : 403 Commissioner Street, Fairview 2094, Johannesburg, South Africa
Entrance on 92 Op de Bergen Street
Categories listed in :
Abrasives; Chipping Machines; Bio Energy & CHP; Chipping Machines; Cranes - general; Shredders; Cranes - general; Pallet Manufacturers / Suppliers; Blade Sharpening; Saw Sharpening Machinery; Automated stacking; Bandsaws; Belt Dryers; Board Conveying Systems; Board Edgers; Board Handling Machines; Board Scanners; Butt-end Reducers; Chipper Canters; Chipping Machines; Circular Saws; Conveyors; Cranes - general; Cross Cut Saws; Debarkers; Finger Joining Equipment; Frame Saws; Glue Mixers; Hammer Mills; Kilns; Laminating Machines; Log Bins; Log Scanning; Log Sorting Devices; Moisture Measuring Instruments; Optimising Crosscut Systems; Planers; Sanders; Sawmill Equipment Manufacturers / Suppliers; Sorting Lines; Stacking Bays; Briquetting Machines; Chip Screens; Chipping Machines; Conveyors; Drum Screens; Bandsaws; Rip Saws; Sanders; Laser Lights; Forestry Equipment; Boilers; Log Edgers; Hoggers; Import Agents; Augers; ; Mulchers; Stump Grinders; Trenchers; Biofuel Plants; Biomass Machines; Adhesives; Anvil (wear parts); Bandsaw Blades; Chipper Knives & Anvils; Chipper Knives (wear parts); Circular Knives; End Cutters; Fingerjoint Cutters; Flaker Knives (wear parts); Framesaw Blades; Framesaw Buckles; Hogger Knives (wear parts); Hoses and Ducting; Hss Planer Blades Slotted; Hss Planer Blades Thin; HSS Saw Blades; Machine Knives; Planer Blades; Pole Peelers (wear parts); Profile Cutters; Sawmill Blades; Sawmill blades (Circular); Sawmill blades (inserted tooth); Sawmill blades (Taper ground); Sawmill blades (TCT); Sawmillblades (Plate); Slicer Knives (wear parts); Stellite Rods & Tips; TCT Tips; Timber Marking; Veneer Peeler Knives (wear parts); Wedge Cutters; Fire Detection Systems; Fire Suppression; Log Saw; Log Splitters; Stump Grinders; Timber Grapples; Timber Loaders; Timber Loading Equipment; Anvils; Chipper Knives; Circular Knives; Flaker Knives; Hogger Knives; Hss Planer Blades - Slotted; Hss Planer Blades - Thin; HSS Saw Blades; Pole Peelers; Slicer Knives ; Veneer Peeler Knives; Garden Equipment; Pallet Manufacturers / Suppliers; Post Hole Diggers; Grinding Machines; Knife Grinders; Machine Knives; Saw Doctoring Equipment; Saw Maintenance Machinery; Saw Setting Machines and Tools; Saw Stelliting Machines; Saw Tensioning and Stretching Machines; Sawmill Blades; Tool Grinders; Universal Grinders; Aligning + Centering Devices for Log and Cants; Bandsaw Blades; Bark Hoggers; Beam Laminating Presses; Blowers; Board Trimming Saws; Boiler Furnace Supply & Automation; Circular Saw Blades; Compressors; De-stackers; Dehumidifiers; Dry Board Resawing Systems; Dust Extractors; Edge Laminating Systems; Electric Motors; Fans; Feeders; Glue Spreaders; Heat Exchangers; Heat Pump Dryers; Laminate Flooring Plants ; Log Handling Systems; Log Hauls; Log Kickers; Log Turners; Moulders; Multi Rip Saws; Optimising Machines; Panel Production Plants; Planer Blades; Plate Saws; Profile Chippers; Profile Cutters; Pulp & Paper Mills; Radial Arm Saws; Resaws; Saw Benches; Shaving Machines; Solar Dryers; Sorting Chains; Sorting Tables; Stepfeeders; Strapping; Timber Marking; Trim Saws; Augers; Land Preparation Equipment; Mowers; Mulchers; Stump Grinders; Biofuel Plants; Chipping Plants; Furniture Factories; Sawmills; Bins; Dust Extractors; Incinerators; Mulchers; Paper Recyclers; Waste Handling Equipment; Wood Chip Manufacturers / Suppliers; Wood Chipping Plants; Wood Shaving Equipment; Beam Saws; Boring Machines; Carpenters; Clamping Systems; CNC Machines; Combination Machines; Dove Tailers; Drills; Edge Banders; Edge Binders; End Matches; Insert Knives; Joiners; Lathes; Mitre Saws; Morticers; Moulders; Panel Saws; Presses; Routers; Shank Type Cutters; Shapers; Spindles; Table Saws; Tenoners; Thicknessers; Trimmers and Routers; Veneer Machines; Veneers; Woodturning; Woodworking Equipment; Woodworking Machines; Woodworking Tools; End Mills; Gang Saw Blades; Glues; Grinding Wheel; Planing Knives; Turnblades; Chainsaw - sharpening; Cranes - Stationary; Crane - Accessories; Cranes - Stationary; Cleaning Machines; Cranes - Stationary; Gang Saw Blades; Logyard Systems; Planing Knives; Pole Saws; Post Hole Diggers; Gasification Plants; OSB Plants; Plywood Plants; Pole Treatment Plants; Steam Engine Plants; Steam Turbine Plants; Treatment Plants; Composting Machines; Screens; Shredders; Clipper Machines; Dowel Inserting Machinery; Dowel Manufacturing Machinery; Edge Gluing Systems; Finishing Machines; Jointers; Planing Knives; Garden Equipment;

Company Profile

Nukor is the African gateway to the world‘s finest Sawmilling, Woodworking and Agricultural Equipment since 1960.

We always aim to make the highest and most substantial improvements to our customer's performance by providing

  • the highest quality equipment tailored to our customers needs
  • the most exceptional expert service and advice
  • and the shortest lead times

The Nukor Group has been bringing the highest quality of sawmilling and forestry machinery to Southern Africa since 1960. Our network of suppliers stretches from America to Europe to Australia, allowing us to tailor solutions for each of our customer's needs. Our technicians and sales consultants are experts in the sawmilling industry quoted by most customers to provide the most efficient, attentive and expert service and advice.

We are one of the biggest agents in South Africa providing over 350 products in each of which we specialize - Pellet machines, chippers, bandsaws, sawmills, mulchers, briquetting machines, table saws, fruit and vegetable sorting lines and scanners, log and board scanners, sharpening equipment, kilns, saw blades and much more

In recent years we have used our knowledge, gathered over half a century to design and manufacture our very own range of machines - African machines made in Africa for Africa. Anything your sawmill or remanufacturing factory may need - we have it!
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