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February : Press briefing by Minister Nkwinti on Land Reform

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27 February, 2013

Press briefing by Minister Nkwinti on land reform 

Please find two articles that appeared in the Business Day regarding the above briefing which was held on Friday 22nd February 2013 at which he gave journalists an insight into Government's latest proposals regarding the land reform process.  In brief the main proposals mentioned are as follows:

  • Replacement of "willing buyer, willing seller" principle with that of "just and equitable" valuation of land determined by Valuer-General.
  • Foreign ownership of agricultural land would be prohibited and replaced with leases for a minimum of 30 years.
  • Maximum limits on the extent of privately owned large-, medium- and smal-scale farms would be determined by the Department. Land over and above the set limits would be expropriated and sold to black owners.
  • State and public land would be leased out.
  • Communal land would be subject to institution land rights.

In addition to the above, the Minister also announced that the land claims process would be reopened in respect of those (a) who had not met the deadline for lodging claims (31st December 1998) and (b) in certain cases, for the descendants of those who had been dispossessed of land prior to 1913.

Download the original document:
Land redistribution a political imperative
Nkwinti gives details of changes to land tenure system

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