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Monday, July 22, 2019

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August : PrimeTech Demo Day reaches its fifth year.

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10 August, 2018

PrimeTech Demo Day reaches its fifth year.

PrimeTech Demo Day reaches its fifth year.

The headquarters of PrimeTech (division of FAE Group) in Sarnonico (TN) - Italy, hosted PrimeTech Demo Day 2018 on June 5th and 6th, 2018. The event, dedicated to end customers and dealers from all over the world, saw tracked carriers PT-300 (302 HP) and PT-475 (475 HP) - both with Tier 4F engine - in the spotlight.

PrimeTech Demo Day, which is now in its fifth year, hosts trials and demonstrations in the field and therefore in totally realistic conditions that allow participants to measure the efficiency of PrimeTech vehicles. Over the two days of the event, customers and dealers from over 20 different countries were able to appreciate, first hand, the two flagship models from the range of specialist tracked carriers for forestry reclamation: the PT-300 (302 HP) with FAE 300/U-200 forestry mulcher and the PT-475 (475 HP) with the FAE SFH/PM-250 forestry tiller/rotovator. Field trials showcased the agility and manoeuvrability that are standout features on both vehicles, without forgetting the driving comfort that was greatly appreciated by those participating in the test drives.

"We have always done everything we can to make sure we give customers versatile, innovative excellence. We want to be pro-active partners who can assess and thoroughly familiarise with the real needs that are specific to each customer, in every precise operating context. This is what makes us organise these events, almost as if they were educational outings to provide hands-on experience of the solutions designed by our engineers and to fully understand the real difficulties that a machine encounters in its working environment," says Andreas Lambacher, Sales Director at PrimeTech.
"Attendance levels were very high at this year's event: with more than 80 customers from every continent. Five years ago, at the very first PrimeTech Demo Day, there were fewer than 10 clients in attendance. It had all begun a little by chance, but with every year, it has become a bigger success. The event has grown and our team and our products have grown with it."

PrimeTech Demo Day concluded on 6th June, late in the afternoon, with a spectacular performance by the Show Action Group who, on board their trial bikes, gave a demonstration of their acrobatic skills using PrimeTech vehicles as obstacles.

The tracked carriers presented at PrimeTech Demo Day 2018

The PrimeTech PT-300 and PT-475 are among the most highly evolved machines in their specific field.
Not only do they fit Caterpillar engines and Danfoss hydraulics, they are also the result of an overall design project that has been thought out in great detail, as well as having a cab with extraordinary comfort and an excellent hydraulic control systems


PrimeTech's PT-300 is a mid-size tracked carrier, now available with a Tier 4 engine. Along with installing a new engine some important modifications and improvements were made to this unit, however the main features the PT-300 is known for, remain the same: productivity, maneuverability, reliability, low ground pressure and comfort.


  • The engine is a robust and fuel efficient CAT C7 Acert 7l (428 in3) turbocharged and aftercooled engine, with 6 in-line cylinders, producing 302hp (225kw);
  • The engine complies with the Tier 4F emission regulations and is equipped with Diesel Particulate Filter Technology (DPF), Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR);
  • The PT-300 has a separate AdBlue (DEF) tank. The Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is used by the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in the exhaust;
  • The higher power output of 302hp (225kw) is achieved at a lower rpm (2200), meaning better performance at lower fuel consumption;
  • A bigger fuel tank was installed (390 l) to ensure no filling up is needed even when working longer shifts;
  • 24V batteries are installed with a better cold start ability.


  • The bigger engine compartment with two large side doors on each side allows easy and quick access to any component;
  • Better layout of the components in the engine compartment and cleaner routing of hoses and wiring harnesses
  • Easy cleaning and daily maintenance through perfect accessibility to all service points and both engine and hydraulic filters;
  • A tool box in the engine compartment for storage of tools and teeth. For the convenience of the operator the tool box can be easily removed.


  • Second-to-none operator comfort: spacious, low-noise and low-vibration cabin, with excellent visibility and more headroom;
  • Overall height of the cabin has been reduced so that the total height of the unit is now only 2785 mm (important in case of trucking in areas with height restrictions);
  • Even better and more ergonomic layout of controls;
  • New digital 7" colour display to check and keep main parameters under control, as well as to customize functions and settings;
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosing via display including data storage on a USB stick;
  • Cabin is 30% more tiltable, allowing better access to the components located under the cabin.


  • One oversized radiator with enough cooling capacity for hydraulic oil, air and water, even when worked in extremely hot climates;
  • The radiator comes with coarse fins, preventing them from getting plugged by dust and dirt and making cleaning much easier;
  • The radiator can be equipped with a proportional and reversible fan (option) thus, based on radiator temperatures, the blades will automatically adjust the pitch in the most efficient and effective way. This results in less power absorbed by the fan and eventually in lower fuel consumption;
  • The sucker fan helps to keep dust out of the engine compartment and thus keep it clean;
  • The fan is hydraulic driven and the pitch of the blades get adjusted hydraulically, being a more reliable solution to belt driven fans with blades being adjusted by a separate air compressor.


A range of front attachments are available for the PT-300, making it a very versatile tracked carrier. Following attachments are available: forestry mulcher, subsoiler/rotovator, stump cutter, rock crusher and asphalt grinder.
The forestry mulcher FAE 300/U that was demoed during the PrimeTech Demo Day underwent recently some major redesign and offers some very interesting new features:

  • New push-frame design to reach the ground for dragging and raking;
  • Bolt-on counter blades for quicker change and reduced maintenance cost;
  • Adjustable skids to set required working depth;
  • Reinforced frame and hood.


The PT-475 tracked carrier is a purpose-built carrier for superior performance, productivity and serviceability.
Equipped with the quality and performance expected from a PrimeTech tracked carrier, this 475 HP unit gives excellent performance due to a series of strong points:

  •  A CAT C13 Acert, 12.5 L (763 in3) turbocharged and aftercooled engine, with 6 in-line cylinders and 475 HP, that is fuel efficient and can be offered both in the version Tier 3/Stage IIIA and in the version Tier 4/Stage IVA (emissions standards);
  • Its powerful hydraulic system, with Danfoss pumps and motors for track and front attachment drives;
  • The oscillating undercarriage Berco D5HD adapts perfectly to uneven surfaces. According to customer needs, the track can be fitted with two types of shoes in two different widths: 600 mm / 24 in (STD-version) and 900 mm / 36 in (LGP-version). Both versions guarantee excellent vehicle stability and low ground pressure: with the LGP-version ground pressure being a best-in-class 0,33 kg/cm² (4.7 psi)! Lower ground pressure also means a longer working season in wet and swampy areas!
  • The efficient and functional design of PT-475 and the arrangement of its components make all parts easily accessible. The tilt-able ROPS/FOPS/OPS cab, the big side doors and the swing-out oil cooler assure excellent access to daily service points, engine and hydraulic filters;
  • PT-475 has also been equipped with an oversized engine radiator, allowing the machine to operate in very hot climate with no overheating issues. The radiator comes with coarse fins, preventing it from getting plugged by dust and dirt and making cleaning much easier.
  • As an option, both the oil cooler and the engine radiator can be equipped with a proportional (so-called variable pitch) and reversible fan. Based on radiator temperatures (coolant, intercooler and hydraulic oil) the blades will automatically adjust their position in the most efficient and effective way. This result in less power absorbed by the fan, lower fuel consumption and less air and dust flow crossing the engine compartment, helping to keep it cleaner;

PT-475 is a powerful tracked carrier and like all PrimeTech models it is characterized by a great versatility: depending on the job you want to do, PT-475 can be equipped indeed with mulching head, subsoiler/rotovator, rock crusher and stump cutter.

All the attachments, made by FAE, can be switched easily and quickly, allowing you to use PT-475 for land clearing and mulching applications (right-of-way, utility lines, fire breaks, vegetation management, etc.), as well as for land conversion (removal of stumps and roots, site preparation) and for road construction/maintenance.

The FAE SFH/PM, which was demoed during the PrimeTech Demo Day, is a forestry tiller (also called subsoiler or rotovator) for grinding stumps, roots and rocks up to a depth of 400 mm, depending on driving speed and soil conditions.

Max. grinding diameter of rocks is 350 mm, while the max grinding diameter of trees is 450 mm.
This attachment is available in 2 widths: SFH/PM-225 (working width: 2320 mm) and SFH/PM-250 (working width: 2560 mm).

Different tools (teeth) for the rotor are available to suit different working conditions, all of them with carbide tip. The rotor pattern is designed in a way that every piece of soil gets processed.

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Source: Prime Tech

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