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Thursday, February 20, 2020

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Contact Person : Mr. Andreas Lambacher
Telephone : +39 463 840 080 (tel. PrimeTech Division)
Fax : +39 463 840 099
Website :
E-mail :
Country : Italy
Postal Address : Via G. Marconi 20, 38011 - Sarnonico (TN)
Physical Address : Via G. Marconi 20, 38011 - Sarnonico (TN)
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Company Profile

PrimeTech is a division of the Italian based company FAE Group (est. 1989) which has more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of dedicated, purpose-built carriers and attachments for tractors, excavators, skid steers and on special  built carriers..

The PT's range of 6 multi-purpose prime movers can quickly be fitted for use in forest, agriculture, construction operations or as a demining vehicle.  The newest PT-175 (with 160 HP), the PT-300 (with 275 HP), the PT-400 (with 415 HP) and the PT-600 (with 600 HP) are suitable for different applications such as land clearing (mulching), land convertion (subsoiling) and road construction (stabilizing, rock crushing and asphalt shredding).

The PT-300 D:Mine and the PT-400 D:Mine are remotely controlled tracked mine clearance machines that withstands both AP and AT mines.

Depending on the applications, various specially and interchangeable FAE front attachments can be attached to the carriers.

The prime movers made by PrimeTech offer a series of benefits:
  • Maximizing productivity: extremely high performance is achieved due to the perfect integrationof elements such as diesel engines, hydraulic systems and electronic control systems, all suitable for heavy-duty applications and guaranteeing the highest productivity.
  • Extremely low ground pressure: thanks to wide tracks, ensuring a wide contact surface, and a long and oscillating undercarriage, these purpose-built carriers are extremely stable and exert extraordinarily low ground pressure, allowing increased mobility during work on otherwise inaccessible terrain, such as swampland and muskeg.
  • Reliable and easy to maintain: PrimeTech uses only components of the highest quality standard from brands with a worldwide servicing network (John Deere, Caterpillar, Sauer Danfoss, Parker, Berco etc.) so that spare parts can be easily obtained. The main components of the PT carriers are very easily accessible, thus maintenance time and costs are significantly reduced.
  • Comfort and functionality: the PT prime movers are designed to maximize the operator's comfort and safety, whilst enabling high performance and ease of use of the vehicle.
    • Great visibility;
    • A level of sound-proofing that is the best on the market;
    • The lowest level of vibrations inside the cab;
    • Ergonomic position of the joystick;
    • Easy-to-use display and control panel;
    • Air conditioning system;
    • Comfortable, adjustable driver's seat (heated and air suspended);MP3 / CD player

Company Products

  • Mulching heads:  FAE 140/U, FAE 200/U, FAE 300/U and FAE 500/U
  • Rock crusher: FAE 500/RC
  • Forestry tillers /soil stabilizers: FAE 200/S, FAE 300/S and FAE 500/S
  • Rock shredder, stone crusher, soil stabilizer and asphalt shredder: FAE RSL/HY
  • Demining tillers: FAE 300/TD and 500/TD


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