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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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September : Provincial hearings on the PDALB

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26 September, 2016

Provincial hearings on the Preservation and Development of Agricultural Land Policy Bill 

The Protection and Development of Agricultural Land Bill (PDALB) has been redrafted in its entirety by DAFF. The revised Bill has been submitted to Nedlac, but the Department is simultaneously hosting provincial consultations on the Bill. A copy of the roster is attached. As you are aware, Agri SA has prepared draft commentary which has been circulated. In light of the provincial consultations we have also prepared a draft presentation that you may use at your convenience should you chose to take part in the provincial consultations.

Kindly note that we are still receiving inputs on the draft comments from affiliations and as such our comments may still be amended before it is submitted. However in the interest of time, we thought is best to circulate draft comments as well and draft presentation as it currently stands since the first provincial hearings are already taking place next week.

Kindly find the relevant documents attached for consideration.


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