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Sunday, October 20, 2019

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September : Register for the 6th Annual Forestry Training Indaba - Free of charge

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26 September, 2016

Register for the 6th Annual Forestry Training Indaba - Free of charge

This year's theme is "Yakhani" - We are building

Come and join the Forestry Training Indaba and tap into a wealth of knowledge, resources, know-how and inspiration. The 2016 Forestry Indaba brings together all you need to know to improve training and development requirements.

Our team welcomes you on Thursday 3 November from 9 am to 7 pm including a cocktail and an address by motivational speaker.  The Forestry Training Indaba will take place at the Welverdiend Guest House in Piet Retief.

Register now by emailing
safcaadmin@vodamail.co.za or contact Pamela Naidoo on 082 739 0948 for more information.

By joining the Forestry Indaba you can take advantage of:

  • Gaining insight into how far the industry has come in terms of modernisation/mechanisation
  • How technology can be used to partially mitigate climate change
  • Being informed of the status of forestry higher education and forestry occupational qualifications development
  • Forestry perception: A small fish in a big pond! How the FPMSETA intends to overcome this perception. 
  • Learning more on water conservation


  • Innovative methods of extinguishing and fighting outbreaks of fire and the impact of these on training interventions Case studies and sharing of Socio Economic Development and Community Forestry
  • Address on Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence by a Motivational Speaker
  • Cocktails J
  • Networking opportunities
  • And much more......


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