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Thursday, June 24, 2021

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May : Research Associate Announcement

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4 May, 2021


Research Associate Announcement

  • The ICFR is pleased to announce the appointment of Prof Keith Little (Nelson Mandela University) and Prof Brett Hurley (Forestry Agricultural Biotechnology Institute) as ICFR Research Associates in recognition of their ongoing contribution to the work of the ICFR and the close working relationship with the institutions they represent. Their collaboration with ICFR research staff on forest protection and other research projects contributes importantly to the aims of the ICFR and it is hoped that this affiliation will help further strengthen cooperation to enable growth in collaborative research undertakings.

  • In addition, the ICFR is pleased that Dr Andrew Morris will continue at the ICFR in a Research Associate role post-retirement, providing specialist advice and mentorship input to research projects and new business development.