Forestry in South Africa
Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is a leading scientific and technology research organisation that researches, develops, localises and diffuses technologies to accelerate socioeconomic prosperity in South Africa. The organisation's work contributes to industrial development and supports a capable state.

The organisation plays a key role in supporting public and private sectors through directed research that is aligned with the country's priorities, the organisation's mandate and its science, engineering and technology competences.

Our core values are EPIC and they are the driving force behind our ability to conduct cutting-edge research and technological innovation to improve the quality of life of South Africans. The CSIR pursues Excellence, celebrates People, personifies Integrity, and welcomes Collaboration.


Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI)

FABI was established in 1997, based on a recognition that the future of Forestry and Agriculture in South Africa will depend strongly on the incorporation of new technologies into these industries. Opportunities for Forestry and Agriculture that have emerged in recent times from the application of biotechnology and bioinformatics are immense, and almost beyond imagination. Currently, forestry and food crops containing novel genes are already being deployed world-wide. Well recognised examples include the incorporation of genes conferring herbicide and pest resistance to plants. Other products are also appearing increasingly rapidly and this trend will not slow in coming years. The rapid developments in genomics and the many full genome sequences that are emerging will certainly facilitate the development of novel food and fibre crops. These will clearly contribute to global economic development and food security.


Institute for Commercial Forestry Research (ICFR)

The Institute for Commercial Forestry Research (ICFR) is an independent provider of project-based research solutions and other related services in support of forest management for economic, social and environmental benefit in southern Africa.  To achieve desired research project goals the ICFR works closely with other research institutes and universities.

Founded in 1947 as the Wattle Research Institute the ICFR grew with the forestry sector providing important research support; initially to wattle growers and expanding to develop cold tolerant eucalypt planting options and determining the principles of good silviculture needed for both establishment and re-establishment of plantations.  Today the ICFR provides research capability to various funding consortia in two key areas; sustainable production and tree improvement.