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Thursday, June 24, 2021

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South African Utility Pole Association
Contact Person : Pierre Tullis
Telephone : (033) 342 4273
Cell : 083 627 6897
E-mail :
Province : Kwazulu Natal
Country : South Africa
Postal Address : 94 Henderson Street, Athlone, Pietermaritzburg, 3201
Physical Address : 94 Henderson Street, Athlone, Pietermaritzburg, 3201
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Company Profile

SOUTH AFRICAN UTILITY POLE ASSOCIATION - (SAUPA) is a voluntary association not for gain, with legal personality and perpetual succession. SAUPA is the formation of a grouping of South African Eucalyptus Utility Pole Treating plants (SANS 754 mark holders) and users focused on the marketing and promotion of eucalyptus utility poles for local and export markets, as a contribution to the aims and objectives of the South African Utility Pole Organisation, namely:

  • To promote the South African Eucalyptus creosote and CCA utility pole for the local and export market.
  • To continuously consult with all stakeholders of utility poles in order to provide a reliable cost effective utility pole.
  • To help develop the South African specification (SANS 754 and preservative specifications) to be in line with all international specifications.
  • To continuously carry out research on South African creosote, CCA and eucalyptus poles in order to provide all stakeholders with up to date information on local utility poles.
  • To assist marketing personal in the interpretation of different international specifications and the adaptation of the SANS specifications into international specifications.

SAUPA is incorporated in South Africa as a membership association, with private initiative members drawn from South Africa. SAUPA will co-operate closely with organised business to engage with relevant authorities in order to coordinate and represent the combined Promoting the benefits of the Eucalyptus Utility Pole views of all stakeholders involved in the production and utilisation of South African eucalyptus utility poles.


  • To inform the market about the Eucalyptus Utility Pole (Creosote and CCA)
  • and promoting the strategic benefits and opportunities offered by the Eucalyptus Utility Pole.


The organization in all its dealings and amongst its members, will seek to promote an
ethos based on the principles of:

  • Commitment to good corporate governance
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Professionalism in all we undertake
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
  • Inclusivity


  Liaise with government organizations to ensure that all members comply with legislative requirements.Liaise with treating plants any changes to any laws, acts and regulations.
4.2   Organising of events, fact-finding missions, forums and meetings relevant to the promotion and marketing of eucalyptus utility poles both local and export.
4.3   Initiate, manage and conduct research and development in order to promote eucalyptus utility poles.
4.4   Promoting positive attitudes and perceptions towards eucalyptus utility poles.
  Facilitating training opportunities, which will include industry training across public and private stakeholders to ensure full understanding of the eucalyptus utility pole.
4.6   Direct local and export market requirements to the various stakeholders.
  Liaise with creosote and CCA chemical suppliers to maximize longevity of the treated utility poles.
  To promote and ensure equal quality throughout all treating plants, chemical suppliers and inspection authorities.



The Foundation Members of the Association are:
  • Kim Robertson - Natal Forest Products (Pty) Ltd
  • Roy Armour - Harding Treated Timbers (Pty) Ltd
  • Mark Tullis - Khulani Timber Industries (Pty) Ltd
  • Riaan Du Plessis - Tzaneng Treated Timers (Pty) Ltd
  • Howard Holley - Treated Timber Products (Pty) Ltd
  • Henri Joubert - Lows Creek Treated Timbers (Pty) Ltd

The membership of the Association consists of:

  • Foundation Members: The first members of the company are the foundation members
  • Sponsor Members: Persons, corporations, companies, institutions or other bodies who, having agreed to be bound by the terms of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company and having been admitted to membership, pay an annual contribution of such an amount as the board of directors may determine from time to time
  • Corporate Members: Persons, corporations, companies, institutions or other bodies who, having agreed to be bound by the terms of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company and having been admitted to membership, agree to pay such annual subscription as shall be determined by the board of directors.
  • Honorary Members: Persons who, in recognition of exceptional and distinguished services rendered to the company are elected honorary members by the board of directors
  • Affiliated Member: Professional or educational or other institutions and/or associations and/or societies which, having agreed to be bound by the Memorandum and Articles of Association and having been admitted to membership, pay an annual subscription to be fixed by the board of directors in each particular case.


The Directors of the company are:
  • Simon Armour (Chairman)
  • Riaan Du Plessis
  • Mark Tullis
  • Matt Pennefather
  • Jens Kusel

Current Membership.

Treating Plants.

  • Khulani Timber Industries
  • Tzaneng Treated Timber
  • Lows Creek Treated Timbers
  • Vuka Timbers
  • Treated Timber Products
  • Natal Forest Products
  • Harding Treated Timbers
  • Maqhilika Timber
  • Vuka Timbers
  • MTO (Pulscar and Paradise Falls)
  • PPCF
  • Figtree Saagmeule
  • HWJ Timber
  • Van der Merwe Saagmeule

Chemical Suppliers

  • ArcelorMittal (Creosote)
  • FFS (Creosote)
  • IDR (Creosote)
  • ICS (Creosote)
  • Arch Wood Protection (CCA)
  • Dolphin Bay Chemicals (CCA)

Power and Telecommunications

  • ESKOM South Africa
  • Telkom South Africa
  • Botswana Power Corporation
  • NAMPOWER Namibia
  • KPLC (Kenya Power and Lighting)
  • TANESCO (Tanzania)

Company Products

SAUPA- offers our members, environmental research pertaining to the treated timber industry.
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