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September : SPCA receives welcome donation

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21 September, 2016

SPCA receives welcome donation

A spade, a smile and green fingers were required to volunteer at the Benoni SPCA on Saturday.

  Lakefield resident Neelmesh Meeta got his hands dirty by planting trees.

With a smile on their dial, volunteers from the public and the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) planted trees at the society's Lakefield premises. The association secured 2 711 trees through their partnership with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

The trees would be planted at 90 sites across the East Rand, Johannesburg and Pretoria, throughout Arbour Month. The Benoni SPCA was one of the Benoni sites identified, where 150 trees were donated. The IAHV hopes to promote a sustainable and greener South Africa. "Put simply, trees promote life," the IAHV said.

"Not only do trees provide oxygen and sequester carbon dioxide, they also provide shelter for animals, recharge groundwater, replace soil nitrates, prevent soil erosion and much, much more. "In fact, the addition of an indigenous tree to any environment will have countless environmental benefits."

"Planting a tree is a symbol of hope. "It symbolises a belief in our communities and our planet and brings people together and is a living, breathing ‘gift' to the generations to come."

Vicky Finnemore, manager of the Benoni SPCA, welcomed the large donation of trees and said they will beautify the grounds and provide shade.


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