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August : Sunshine Seedling Services gets with the times

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14 August, 2013

Sunshine Seedling Services gets with the times

Sunshine Seedling Services has been irrigating and watering with the age-old method of boom sprayers and handline watering. With the progression of technology, Sunshine Seedlings has opted for the Rainbird watering system operated by computer. This system is set on timers and each table is watered for one minute and repeated four times at a specific time for watering.

The type of nozzle is a rotary nozzle. The time settings used are set according to size , type , age etc of the seedlings grown. Each table irrigated can be treated differently according to its specific requirements.

This new system has made watering the nursery more time efficient as well as saved on the labour expense.  The evenly spaced sprayers are fitted with a nozzle which sprays water at a constant pressure and has a rotational movement. This movement enables the water to be sprayed at varying distances. Watering is even and the new system ensures all the plants get watered, and only small spaces need to be hand watered.

Rainbird Watering System

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