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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Sunshine Seedling Services
Sunshine Seedling Services
Contact Person : Bryn Pollard
Telephone : (033) 390 3047
Fax : (033) 390 3930
Cell : 083 793 5806
Website :
E-mail :
Province : Kwazulu Natal
Country : South Africa
Postal Address : P.O. Box 100461, Scottsville, 3209, Pietermaritzburg
Physical Address : F24, Chief Mhlabunzima Road, Pietermaritzburg
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Company Profile

Sunshine Seedlings has its roots in humble beginnings since 1982. What started off as a small crop of vegetables in the valley, has flourished and expanded into a nursery yielding some of the highest quality timber and vegetable seedlings in South Africa.

Boasting more than 130 years of practical and academic experience from qualified agriculturalists, a well established management team and over 30 years in operation, Sunshine Seedlings Services is the leader in the containerized seedling industry. Sunshine Seedlings is well placed to meet your highest expectations.

Sunshine Seedling Services produces over 35 million vegetable seedlings annually, as well as, 10 million timber seedlings and 10 million clones.

A distinguishing feature of Sunshine Seedling Services is that all seedlings are grown to perform specifically in the area in which they will be planted. For example seedlings are grown in a bigger plug size in harsh, dry conditions, which enables the seedlings to withstand the tougher conditions.


Quality is not questionable when it comes to Sunshine Seedlings. We pride ourselves on our reputation for maintaining consistently high quality seedlings. Regular checking, research and tests are conducted to ensure there are no genetic defects or disease.

Another accreditation to Sunshine Seedlings' quality is the IS0 9000 quality certification, as well as SGASA and SABS standards achieved and exceeded each year. We are SGASA and SABS Certified


Besides knowledgeable and friendly customer service, teamed with efficient administrative follow-up, we at Sunshine Seedlings have a large fleet of vehicles ensuring timely and reliable deliveries. Seedlings are delivered country-wide and arrive ready to plant.


The two branches, one inland and the other coastal, operate to provide more efficient service to customers. The inland branch is the growing hub. Seeds are planted, germinated and grown to your specifications. Ken Leisegang, Bryn Pollard and Ian Sumner head up the team that manages Sunshine Seedlings. Bryn Pollard manages the forestry seedlings and clones.


A successful business excels when it reaches beyond its niche, and seeks to empower and improve the community in which they operate and beyond. Sunshine Seedling Services support local schools, community centers and NGO's in establishing gardens to provide food. We believe in equipping the community with skills to sustain themselves and families. We have an annual intake of students who we welcome in to gain practical experience in the industry.

Company Products

  • Clones and forestry seedling
  • Eucalyptus species, E. grandis, dunnii, macarthurrii, benthammii, badgensis, nitens, smithii
  • Acacia species; mearnsii, decarrens
  • Pinus species; patula and elliottii
  • Corymbia species; henryii
  • Eucalyptus clones; GXU, UXG and GXN
  • We transport quality forestry seedlings and clones throughout South Africa; we also offer expert advice on site species matching. Our plants are sized and sorted before dispatch to assist in the establishment of uniform well stocked compartments infield.
  • Vegetable seedlings
  • Urbinati Agents in South Africa
  • Essential Oils: Tea Tree, Rose Geranium, Rosemary and Eucalyptus


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