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April : Tas forestry burn under control: govt

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13 April, 2017

Tas forestry burn under control: govt

Tasmania forest fires


The Tasmanian government says a forestry regeneration burn in the state's northwest crossed only slightly outside its planned boundary and is contained.

Resources Minister Guy Barnett labelled claims by conservationists that the fire was out-of-control and came within kilometres of dwellings at the small township of Arthur River as alarmist and false.

"Forestry Tasmania staff have been on site and the fire is not expected to spread further," the minister said on Wednesday.

He also rejected claims made earlier in parliament by Greens MP Andrea Dawkins that the burn, designed to clear ground wood left after logging and spark regeneration, had spread into high-conservation forest.

"Forest in the (area) was agreed could be harvested by all parties in parliament and yet the Greens now would have us believe it is high conservation," Mr Barnett said.

The burn was one of 12 conducted across the state on Tuesday and was monitored by representatives from the Bob Brown Foundation travelling in a helicopter.

The fire had escaped and was burning in a reserve with high-conservation values, 6km southwest of the Arthur River township, a foundation spokeswoman said.

They have called for a ban of all post-logging burns.