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April : The 24th Annual Symposium of the TPCP (Tree Protection Co-operative Programme)

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2 April, 2013

The 24th Annual Symposium of the TPCP (Tree Protection Co-operative Programme)

The 24th Annual Symposium of the TPCP is rapidly drawing closer.  Following tradition, the meeting will be held during the second week in May (Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th) in the SANLAM Auditorium at the University of Pretoria.  Also following past trends, the meeting will include a wide sampling of TPCP activities including research, management and extension outcomes. 

As part of our benchmarking exercise, we will also again welcome a number of world-leaders in the field of tree health to share their experiences with us.  This year we will have talks by: Dr. Simon Lawson from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Queensland, who will introduce the BiCEP (Biological Control of Eucalyptus Pests) project;  Dr. Pekka Niemela from the University of Turku in Finland, a big name in global forest entomology will share some of his views with us;  Dr. Paal Krokene from Skogforsk in Norway and leading researcher on the way that trees defend themselves will share his experiences in this field with us and Lindsay Buhlman from ScionResearch in New Zealand will update us on pest and disease monitoring in that country.  This year we have the pleasure of Dr. Charlie Clarke of Sappi opening the Symposium.  Charlie is a very well-known research personality in the South African and global forestry environment and was, for many years part of the TPCP and is thus a perfect person to "set the stage" for this important and always interesting meeting.

In addition to the formal part of the TPCP meeting, there will also be opportunities for visitors and TPCP members to meet with students and staff of the Programme.  We will be happy to arrange laboratory tours and also visits to the FABI Biological Control Centre where there is always much to see including production of biological control agents for some of our worst pests.

We look forward to welcoming you in Pretoria.  Please do not hesitate to contact us is we can help you make arrangements to attend the meeting.  Registration forms for attendance will be sent out soon and these will help us to arrange catering for the various meals and NOT FORGETTING the annual "hands free beer slug" at the Tuscan Barbecue!  If you will be joining us and your name is not on one of the pre-arranged lists- please contact Madelein van Heerden ( copy to Helen Doman (