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May : The Wood Foundation

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4 May, 2016

The Wood Foundation

The Wood Foundation held its AGM yesterday (28th April).

The members present felt that although the initial aims of the Foundation had been admirable and had been supported by Industry Associations and their respective members, the Foundation had not enough financial resources to undertake its objective of promoting the benefits of timber in a meaningful way.

Members concurred that for the Foundation to flourish it would need:

  • adequate funding; and based on this
  • a full-time person to drive the Foundation.

The Executive Committee concluded that as both these criteria were not in place (nor would be in the near future), the Foundation would not be able to adequately fulfil its mandate.

Three options were therefore considered, these being the following:

  1. Carry on the Foundation in an almost dormant state
  2. Close the Foundation
  3. "Shelve" the Foundation (which would allow us to still use the logo and allow for a possible future "re-birth")

After extensive discussion, it was decided to apply to SARS for the shelving of the Foundation.

This was indeed a sad day.  All of us involved had great aspirations for the Foundation but, at the end of the day, you cannot do anything meaningful without adequate funding. Having decided to shelve the Foundation (rather than close it) it is hoped that circumstances will change in the future and we can re-vitalise the Foundation.

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