Forestry in South Africa
Saturday, May 8, 2021

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Wood-Mizer - Top Tip for the week
6 May, 2021
Wood-Mizer's Top Tip for the Week is to relax the tension on your sawmill's blade every two hours or over lunch breaks. By regularly releasing the tension on the blade, it will not stretch or develop cracks and you can use the blade for longer. read more
TWK posts interim profit growth on the back of diverse revenue streams
5 May, 2021
Engineering News
Diversified agricultural company TWK says the diversity of its income streams has provided resilience amid the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in the company posting a 41% year-on-year increase in profit after tax to R90-million for the six months ended February 28. read more
Why ISO Certification Matters
30 April, 2021
ISO certification sets the worldwide benchmark for the highest level of standardisation and is therefore one of the most important metrics to consider when choosing a timber treatment product. According to JJ du Plessis, Business Manager at Lonza Wood Protection South Africa read more
​If you’re looking for renewables, look no further than wood
23 April, 2021
The theme for this year's International Day of Forests (IDF) is Forest restoration: a path to recovery and well-being" and it's one that resonates with the local forest industry. "Many people don't know that timber plantations in South Africa were originally established to provide an alternative timber supply read more
EARTH DAY 2021 | Keep recycling – South Africa’s paper recycling rate is on the up
21 April, 2021
During 2020, South Africans recycled 1.1 million tonnes of paper and paper packaging, putting the country's latest paper recovery rate at 73%, up from 68.5% in 2019. This is according to RecyclePaperZA, the paper recycling association. read more
Reinventing a Timber Treatment Business
14 April, 2021
Dolphin Bay Chemicals
Lance Chapman is growing Lamtim by optimising quality - of its timber products and service levels - and needed a CCA supplier who would do the same. read more
Obituary: Gary Willis, Sales Director, First Cut
14 April, 2021
First Cut

The management and staff of First Cut, together with local and international colleagues mourn the loss of First Cut's Sales Director Gary Willis, who passed away on Thursday evening 1st April, at the age of 51. Gary had fought an 18 month battle with cancer very bravely, remaining resolutely positive until the end.

read more
Fibre Circle launches campaign to promote more recycling of food and beverage cartons
11 March, 2021
Fibre Circle
Fibre Circle, the producer responsibility organisation (PRO) for the South African paper and paper packaging sector, is calling on South African food producers to help drive awareness that food and beverage cartons are recyclable. read more
Hive Energy Invests R50m fighting Climate Change with Mobile Biochar Plants in South Africa
2 March, 2021
Hive Energy
Hive Energy through its South African Subsidiary, Hive CarbonTM, has acquired a patented system that revolutionises the production of biochar from Alien Invasive biomass providing enhanced levels of output and lower costs of production. read more
Outpost Treated Timber signs up with Lonza
1 March, 2021
Murray Hibbs of Outpost Treated Timbers says Lonza Wood Protection South Africa's hands-on approach to quality control and customer satisfaction won him over as a customer. read more
Rich Veins of Growth
10 December, 2019
Dolphin Bay Chemicals
Dolphin Bay was encouraged to see rich veins of growth for our industry this year, despite tremendous business uncertainty both locally and globally. read more
Illegal treaters"fearless" as authorities turn blind eye
20 November, 2019
Dolphin Bay
The illegal treatment industry in South Africa is becoming increasingly bold, stealing drums of CCA in broad daylight and even starting to conduct armed robberies, in the face of years of inaction by the authorities. Charges have been laid with police in cases... read more
How African plants could increase output by 30 percent
25 September, 2019
Dolphin Bay
Wood treatment processing plants across Africa can increase their efficiency - and turnover - by 30% or more, by implementing a cost-effective modification. In much of Africa, where the industry is still relatively new, most plants run dry vacuum processes.... read more
Dolphin Bay adds copper azole to product range
25 September, 2019
Dolphin Bay
Dolphin Bay has added copper azole to its range of wood preservative products, offering customers an even broader choice and increasing their opportunities to export. "While chromated copper arsenate (CCA) remains the most effective solution. read more
Supply Agreement with Green Resources
7 August, 2019
Dolphin Bay
Dolphin Bay has signed a three-year sole-supplier agreement with the Norway-based Green Resources AS group, cementing a long-standing relationship. We have been supplying Green Resources' Sao Hill plant in Tanzania and another member of the group, Busoga Forestry Company in Uganda... read more
Mondi’s Half Year Results
6 August, 2019
Mondi delivered a strong performance in the first half of 2019 against a backdrop of increasingly challenging trading conditions. read more
Engineering Winning Customer Experiences
1 August, 2019
Delivering on customer's expectations is always a hot topic and it is no different when it comes to the wood treatment industry. Lonza Wood Protection believes that customer relationships and depth of expertise are the key brand differentiators in today's competitive market. read more
Your check list for safe and controlled burning
12 July, 2019
Safire Insurance Company Limited was started in 1987, offering niche insurance to local timber famers. Today the company has a diverse range of short-term insurance products but retains its close relationship with timber-growers through its specialist timber insurance options. read more
Sappi says dissolving wood pulp prospects remain strong despite near-term pressures
7 June, 2019
The area of Ireland under forest now stands at around 770,000ha - the highest level of forestry cover in the country in over 350 years. That's according to the new Forest Statistics Ireland 2019 report, which was released today by Minister of State for forestry Andrew Doyle. read more
Cellulose Nanofibre – The New Alternative to Plastic
15 May, 2019
Two Sides
We take a microscopic look at the sustainable and recyclable material derived from wood pulp that could replace plastic packaging. There's little doubt that single-use plastics are now high on the list of concerns for  governments, businesses and individuals alike. read more