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November : What bad drivers really cost

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24 November, 2015

What bad drivers really cost

 Cost of bad drivers

The Driver Information Bureau (DIB) recently completed a study on a fleet of 200 drivers.

The DIB wanted to figure out which drivers were causing unnecessary costs in a long haul fleet and put a cost to everything it could, including what a disciplinary hearing was costing.

It looked at the 20% worst drivers and the 20% best drivers, delving into company records - in some cases up to 15 years back - to get a cost per annum for each driver, with the average figure a straight average between the two groups.

The results make for fascinating viewing:

Price of bad drivers

What the above table reveals is the value of a good driver and the financial implication of employing poor drivers. It also indicates the value of spending money in employing the right people. Make of it what you will...

Source: Transport World Africa


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