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Zanogen Industrial Knives & Blades
Zanogen - Industrial Knives & Blades
Contact Person : Bruce Hains
Telephone : +27 (11) 421 9361
Fax : +27 (11) 422 1013
Cell : 078 803 2739
Website :
E-mail :
Province : National
Country : South Africa
Postal Address : P.O. Box 11117, Rynfield, Gauteng, 1514
Physical Address : 145 Pittsburg Street, Apex Industrial Sites, Benoni, Gauteng
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Sawmill Blades; Sawmill Blades; Circular Knives; Chipper Knives; Anvils; Veneer Peeler Knives (wear parts); Slicer Knives (wear parts); Pole Peelers (wear parts); Planing Knives; Planer Blades; Machine Knives; Hss Planer Blades Thin; Hogger Knives (wear parts); Flaker Knives (wear parts); End Cutters; Circular Knives; Chipper Knives (wear parts); Chipper Knives & Anvils; Anvil (wear parts); Hss Planer Blades Slotted; Flaker Knives; Hogger Knives; Hss Planer Blades - Slotted; Hss Planer Blades - Thin; Pole Peelers; Slicer Knives ; Veneer Peeler Knives; Pole Peeling Plants; Blade Sharpening; Machine Knives; Bark Hoggers; Chipper Canters; Planer Blades; Planing Knives; Profile Chippers; Brushcutters; Recyclers; Hoggers; Paper Recyclers; Shredders; Finishing Machines; Planing Knives; Veneers;

Company Profile

Zanogen Industrial Knives & Blades is an international machine knife manufacturer offering a turnkey manufacturing service recognised for quality timber knives that are able to produce the required output of sawmills. All manufacturing processes including heat treatment, take place within our own factory in South Africa for local and international markets. Zanogen is a brand leader and is recognised as an OEM manufacturer.

We produce knives and wear parts for the wood & timber industries; from independent sawmills, pulp & paper producers to particle board manufacturers supplying customers worldwide.

Our in-depth knowledge of tool steels and their applications have given us the edge in the market. All our chipper knives have a high chrome content insuring that our knives give maximum performance.

Please visit our website for further details or contact our sales team.
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