TWK Agriculture Limited

TWK Agriculture Limited In June 1940, 52 members of the Piet Retief Wattle Growers and Timber Association, with a total membership of 114, and owning over 40 000 acres (16 000 ha) of wattle plantations, gathered with the aim to register their association as a co-operation. The Transvaal Wattle Growers Co-operative Agricultural Company Limited  was registered on 21 […]

Forestry and General Insurance Brokers CC

Forestry and General Insurance Brokers Forestry and General specialises in forestry contracting risks, be it insurance for assets or liability insurance. We were established in 1993. We hold a binder with a major blue chip SA insurer to underwrite forestry contractors’ liabilities, which allow to underwrite various liability insurance schemes which are offered to forestry […]

Floxilinx (Pty) Ltd Ta Patula Risk

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Floxilinx (Pty) Ltd Ta Patula Risk This is a classic listing – all this information is purely for SEO purposes. For more information visit our website BUSINESS DIRECTORY