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Institute for Commercial Forestry Research (ICFR)

ICFR - Research Banner


Founded in 1947, the Institute for Commercial Forestry Research or ICFR is a non-profit organisation providing project-based research and related services in support of tree growers.

Over the years the ICFR has significantly transformed in response to the changing needs of a dynamic sector, ensuring the ICFR mandate, research focus, and technical capacity remain relevant and key to driving the forestry sector forwards.

Today, the ICFR provides research capability and applied research solutions through multi-year projects and platforms, which target tree improvement and sustainable production, with focused expertise in tree breeding, integrated pest management (IPM), spatial technologies, analytical laboratory methods, and research technical support that extends beyond the forestry industry to other commercial tree crops. The ICFR is situated in the heart of plantation forestry in KwaZulu-Natal and is home to a research nursery, a well-equipped analytical laboratory, and a comprehensive library of forestry literature.

Over the next decade, the ICFR seeks to play a key role in reducing the risks, increasing yields, and improving beneficiation from tree farming in Africa. To do this, it will continue to ensure delivery of leading research that is responsive to changing needs and builds on its reputation for excellence, relevance, and delivery.

For more information, please visit the ICFR website , www.icfr.co.za or contact ICFR’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Karin Nagel on karin.nagel@icfr.ukzn.ac.za.

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