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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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September : Husqvarna Dominates at Mpumalanga Chainsaw Speed Cutting

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26 September, 2018

Husqvarna Dominates at Mpumalanga Chainsaw Speed Cutting

Husqvarna Dominates at Mpumalanga Chainsaw Speed Cutting
Husqvarna Dominates at Mpumalanga Chainsaw Speed Cutting

When many father and son teams go fishing on Saturday afternoons, Heinrich Rabe from Nelspruit and his son Alex, 18, are out practising chainsaw speed cutting with their Husqvarna machines.

"It's a way of life for us," said Heinrich, who has been speed cutting for eight years. "We love it." And the proof of the pudding is in the eating - or rather, the cutting - because at the 2nd Mpumalanga Show at the Mbombela Stadium (31 August /1 September), Rabe Snr racked up a slew of awards with his Husqvarna chainsaws in the spectacular speed cutting competition: second places in both the 60cc (standard) and the 73cc (modified) categories, and an overall win in the Open category.

He was thrilled with his achievements, particularly because conditions were extremely hot, which added to the challenge.

Husqvarna raked in more glory in the competition, with national champion and speed cutting legend Roger Jackson from Husqvarna Pietermaritzburg scooping first place in the 60cc (standard) category, and Sabie's Denzil Lawrie placing third, also with a Husqvarna. Jackson also clinched a second place in the 73cc (standard) category, followed by Lawrie in third. In the Open category Karel Greef excelled in second place with his Husqvarna 3120XP. Husqvarna taking 8 out of 12 positions!

"It was great fun," said Jackson. "Aside from high quality and great performing saws, the dominance of the five-man Husqvarna team was a combination of things:  superb preparation, with Heinrich managing us well and making sure we prepared the saws properly, and excellent team spirit." 

The preliminary bouts took place on the Friday, at which of the 20 competitors across all classes, the top eight of each were selected for the next day's finals.

This was the first year that chainsaw speed cutting had been included in this annual lifestyle, agricultural and forestry show, and it was so well received that participants expect it to become a regular feature.

The adrenaline-charged sport of speed cutting is steadily increasing in South Africa. Across the various categories, chainsaws generally range from 70cc standard machines used by the forestry industry to super modified 120cc giants that produce incredible horsepower and chain speeds of more than 180km/h.

"The idea is to showcase the products available to the community," added Jackson, "so we raced two groups of standard saws for different timbers: one saw class up to 60cc, and other up to 73cc, then a modified version of the 73ccclass. In the open class, anything goes, provided it resembles a currently available chainsaw."

Swedish-owned Husqvarna has a proud heritage in the chainsaw arena, its 300-year-old history being characterised by innovation after innovation since opening in the 1600s as a weapons factory. In the 1800s Husqvarna began producing sewing machines, kitchen equipment and bicycles. Fast forward to the 1900s when motorcycles and lawnmowers were added to the product range and in 1959, its expertise in engines enabled Husqvarna to launch a range of chainsaws.

The company's reputation endures today and it is the first port of call for many chainsaw devotees looking for a top quality, superior, long lasting product.

For more information, see www.husqvarna.co.za

Husqvarna Dominates at Mpumalanga Chainsaw Speed Cutting


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