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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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August : Latest developments regarding expropriation without compensation

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1 August, 2019

Latest developments regarding expropriation without compensation

Agri SA

On Sunday 28 July, the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development, Thoko Didiza, released the Report produced by the Presidential Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture to the public.  An article that appeared in yesterday's Business Day (29 July 2019) reporting on this Report is attached for your information as is the Advisory Panel's Report.

Even though the Panel's Report said that the Constitution should be changed to define EWC (under exceptional circumstances and under strict criteria), there were a whole range of other issues of concern expressed by the Agri SA members who were participants on the Panel. The divergence of views was of such a magnitude that they could not "sign off" on the "official" Panel Report and instead produced a "Minority Report".  This was produced by Agri SA's Dan Kriek and Nico Serfontein.  Please note that I have not attached this file as it is 10mb and 276 pages in length. Their Report is entitled "Alternative perspectives on land reform based on sustainable economic growth and nation building principles" and sets out an alternative land reform process which is based on establishing partnerships between the private sector and other interested parties. However, should you like to receive it, please contact me and I shall send it through to you on request. 

In terms of the concerns (and good points) raised by Agri SA with the official Advisory Panel's Report, I have attached a summary thereof which was drafted by Agri SA's Annelize Crosby.

It is clear from her report that FSA will need to continue to work with Agri FSA in engaging with Government to resolve these contentious issues.

Source: Agri SA