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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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March : Outpost Treated Timber signs up with Lonza

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1 March, 2021

Outpost Treated Timber signs up with Lonza

Lonza Before and after at Outpost Treated Timber.

Murray Hibbs of Outpost Treated Timbers says Lonza Wood Protection South Africa's hands-on approach to quality control and customer satisfaction won him over as a customer.

"In an industry that strives for accuracy, Lonza has made every effort to help us maintain a plant that treats accurately with a quality product. My only regret is not moving to Lonza sooner," declares Hibbs.

Outpost Treated Timber specialises in treating and supplying CCA treated gum poles, droppers and laths. The company is African Certification & Testing(ACT) certified, and all products carry the ACT quality stamp,assuring the highest quality. This emphasis on performance excellence based on quality chemicals that meet the prescribed standards convinced Outpost to appoint Lonza as its CCA supplier.

"We are excited to welcome Outpost Treated Timbers to the Tanalith customer family," says JJ du Plessis, business manager at Lonza. "Tanalith has been relied upon for more than 60 years, and we believe this is the start of another long-standing customer relationship."

Hibbs says Lonza's customer service is excellent. "Lonza has been superbin their support and genuine interest in the running of our plant. Gareth has helped us get established as a new client and is always quick and thorough in answering questions. It is great to know that the backup is there," he comments.

Lonza recently fitted a bulk storage tank at Outpost Treated Timber. Hibbs says the tank has made a considerable improvement to the plant. "The installation only took a few hours with no disruption to our production. It has made life a lot easier. It is safe and secure and enhances the accuracy of our operations".

Outpost gained a first-hand experience of Lonza's on-the-ground customer service recently. During offloading, a drum with a damaged seal was detected. Du Plessis says Lonza did not hesitate to spring into action.

"We knew the seal could have broken at any point during the delivery process and immediately drove to Outpost to collect a test sample. The test result confirmed that the product met the Certificate of Analysisrequirements, which provided Outpost Treated Timber with peace of mind.

Lonza also introduced Hibbs to the Tan-Treat Quality Support System. Du Plessis says Tan-Treat is the only IT  product in the industry with a fiveyear proven track record of delivering cost savings on consumption, performance excellence and efficiency improvements.

Du Plessis explains that the "quality through technology"value-adding product is an integral part of Lonza's commitment to building long-standing customers relationship. "With no comparable product on the market, Tan-Treat is gaining momentum and has over 32 subscribed users across the wood supply chain."

Hibbs explains that Tan-Treat makes data management more efficient. "We now have critical information literally at our fingertips, which assists us in maintaining our quality assurance standards. Lonza is truly a company backed by integrity, and I am proud to be associated with them," he concludes.


Source: Lonza