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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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February : Placement of Saasveld students in industry for their experiential training 2018

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13 February, 2018

Placement of Saasveld students in industry for their experiential training 2018

We have been asked by Saasveld to circulate the details of 13 Saasveld Forestry students (out of 70) who still need placing in Industry for the experiential training part of their second-year studies (April to December). 

The details of these students are attached, as are the following documents:

  • Covering letter from Tiaan Pool explaining the situation regarding experiential learning.
  • A guide for employers as to what their responsibilities are should they take on a student/s. 
  • A sample logbook for employers.

Saasveld is currently in the process of trying to obtain stipends for the students from the FP&M SETA (which has provided them over the last couple of years) which will assist employers greatly in subsidising the costs involved in hosting the students.  However, as indicated in the covering letter, should this not be forthcoming, employers are under no obligation to provide their own stipend.  Notwithstanding this, given the fact that many of these students come from disadvantaged backgrounds, employers are encouraged to do so.

FSA would urge all employers who have not already accepted students and who could be in a position to take these students, to do so as this will not only assist the students themselves (they cannot graduate if they do not undertake this experiential learning) but, in the medium-term, the Industry itself. 

Employers who are willing to help out should make contact with Tiaan Pool on tiaan.pool@mandela.ac.za or 072 374 2347 or alternatively, Riaan Basson on riaanbasson2@gmail.com or 074 718 0051.   

FSA would like to thank those employers who have already made a commitment to take students.

Your co-operation in this would be greatly appreciated.

Forestry South Africa

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