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Global Learning Services

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Global Learning Services

Contact Person:
Liesel Jacobs
086 999 0843
086 511 7688
South Africa
Company Profile

Global Learning Services

GLS lives by the ethos, individual performance enhancement in every sphere of training, maximizing the potential of every employee, reducing the risk of injury and damage to property.

GLS has an all to clear understanding of the consequences of operating outside of the legally mandated requirements when recruiting personnel, our clients have benefited from both our Risk Division’s attention to detail and cost and the resultant training by our Training Division.

We are the experts in the field of training and development, as well as being placed in the opportune position of risk assessment.  Our teams of well-trained instructors engage the delegates on a level that they are comfortable, discussing the everyday scenarios and putting our invaluable training into context, which makes for better retention of the knowledge we impart.

Our training is based on the corner stone of good governance in accordance with our accreditation requirements as well as a healthy respect for the Health & Safety Act.

All our training material is compiled using a modular competency system in line with the NQF, ensuring that effective training is implemented.

Meet the Global Family: (to name a few)

 IVS Bidvest Group  Defy   Hullets Aluminium  Illovu Sugar
 Nampak  ABI/SAB  PG Bison  Tolcon Group
 Manline  Natal Witness  Clicks  SAMSA
 Eskom  Sasko  Panaar Seeds  Cibapac
 Game Stores  Senwes  Unilever  Bidvest
 Foodservices  Express  Nestle SA  Barloworld Logistics

A diverse group of large to small to medium organisations who rely on our expertise and trust us to ensure that they are continually abreast of current and new legislation and successfully trained in order to achieve maximum productivity.

You are safe in the knowledge that Global Learning Services is an all encompassing service provider that will ensure that all mandatory training is successfully carried out in accordance with current legislation.

GLS will endeavor to ensure that your existing Health & Safety and or training Department is optimally complimented by our excellent Risk Division as well as our Training Division.

BBBEE – Global Learning Services is committed to broad-based black economic empowerment and is a LEVEL 4 contributor.

To achieve this policy statement, management has set the following objectives:

  • Achieving the goals laid out in our BBBEE strategy document (set by IQUAD )
  • Focussing on the 7 areas of the balanced scorecard
  • Achieving a rating of 65%

for more information visit our website: www.globaltraining.co.za

Products & Services


  • Buddy Aid
  • First Aid Level 1
  • First Aid Level 2
  • First Aid Level 3


  • Dangerous Goods Transportation: US ID: 123259
  • Dangerous Goods Handling: US ID: 115093
  • Dangerous Goods Seminars


  • Construction Regulations
  • Environmental Safety
  • Housekeeping: ID US: 8016
  • General Health & Safety/ Safety Induction Course
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) US ID: 120330
  • Health & Safety for Junior Managers
  • Health & Safety for Senior Managers
  • Health & Safety Representative
  • Height Rescue: US ID: 229995
  • Incident /Accident Investigation
  • Ladder Safety
  • Lockout Procedures
  • Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHASA) US ID:120344
  • Safety Committee
  • SHERMTRAC: US ID: 244283
  • Stacking & Storage Regulations
  • Technical Safety
  • Working at Height: US ID: 229998


  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Fire Fighting Level 1: US ID: 12484
  • Fire Fighting Level 2: US ID: 12484
  • Fire Marshall (Emergency Co-ordinator Training)
  • Fire Warden


  • Forklift Truck – Code F1 – 4: US ID: 8038 & 242974
  • Reach Truck – Code F5: US ID: 242972
  • Pedestrian Controlled Stacker – Code F6 & F7: US ID: 242981
  • Order Picker – Code F8 & F9: US ID: 242972
  • Rough Terrain Truck – Code F11: US ID: 260762
  • Powered Pallet Stacker – Code F12: US ID: 242981
  • VNA lift truck, non-elevating cab, to service all levels – Code F13: US ID: 242972
  • VNA lift truck, elevating cab, to service all levels – Code F14:US ID: 242972
  • Rail mounted stacker lift truck with non-elevating cab – Code F15: US ID: 242972
  • Rail mounted stacker lift truck with elevating cab – Code F16: US ID: 242972
  • Overhead Gantry Crane – Code C30 – Pendant Control: US ID: 242976
  • Overhead Gantry Crane – Code C31 – Cab Control: US ID: 242976
  • Mechanical Lifting Equipment / Hoist – Code C54: US ID: 244407
  • Truck Mounted Crane – Code C32: US ID: 242978
  • Telescopic Boom Handler – Code C46: US ID: 260781
  • Basic Rigging and Slinging US ID:
  • Lifting Equipment -Visual Safety Inspection
  • Mine Lifting Equipment – Visual Safety Inspection
  • Cherry Picker / Aerial Platform (MEWP) – Code C53: US ID: 243272
  • Monitor and Control the Safety and Operations of MEWP’s – Code C53: US ID: 243273
  • Hydraulic Mobile Cranes up to 50 tons: US ID: 116254
  • Hydraulic Mobile Cranes Exceeding 50 Tons: US ID: 242982
  • Tail lift
  • Demonstrate Knowledge Of Regulatory Framework For Lifting Machines: ID US: 260778
  • Describe Different Categories of Lifting Machines: ID US: 260779


  • Defensive/Advanced Driving Skills
  • Skid Control (with Skidpan practical)
  • Basic Driving Skills (K53 & Road Rules / Signs)
  • Anti Hijack – Driver
  • Anti Hijack Seminar
  • Code 8 to Code 14 Driver Evaluation
  • 4 x 4 Driving Skills


  • Tractor Course: US ID: 262804
  • Front End Loader: US ID: 262747
  • Articulated Dumper Truck: US ID: 262745
  • Rigid Body Dumper Truck: US ID: 262731
  • Bob Cat / Skid Steer Loader: US ID: 262712
  • TLB: US ID: 262727
  • Grader: US ID: 262735
  • Tracked Bulldozer: US ID: 262729
  • Excavator: US ID: 262744
  • Refuge Truck
  • Walk Behind Roller
  • Ride on Roller


  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Leadership Skills
  • Delegation Principles
  • Motivational Skills
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Selling Techniques
  • Radio Techniques
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management
  • Secretarial Skills: US ID: 8015
  • Basic Life Skills
  • Dynamic Management


  • Power Tool Safety: US ID: 12878
  • Hand Tool Safety: ID US: 12877
  • Aids Awareness: ID US: 13915
  • Basic Scaffolding: US IS: 263245
  • Scaffold Inspection: US ID: 263205
  • Chainsaw Operation: US ID: 264195
  • Brush Cutter: US ID: 264182
  • Confined Space Entry: US ID: 15034
  • Supervise Health and Safety on a Construction Project: US ID: 262884
  • Implement and Maintain Safety and Health Management Programme in the Workplace US ID: 259601
  • Basic Warehousing


As an extension of the Global Learning experience, GLS now brings with it the added advantage of an innovative Risk Division.  The Risk Divisions core business is that of Occupational Health and Safety Act compliance.

The alarming increase in litigation and fines against organisation’s, which have not complied with the Act; have resulted in higher volumes of insurance claims, and premiums.  The risks and direct costs of those risks are far from negligible.

In order to ensure that high safety standards and cost effective production are maintained, an effective Risk Control Management process, individually tailored to a specific industry/company’s profile, is needed.

Global Learning Services Risk Division has meticulously researched an effective Risk Control formula, which will effectively reduce the risk, involved in effective personnel management.  Risk Division offers two primary services, the first being the Risk Consultancy which assists with specific areas of concern within an organisation.  The second is a Monthly Consultation Package which essentially incorporates GLS into the organizations’ existing safety program or alternatively introduces a Safety Management Program into an environment that does not have one.

Our company is about RESULTS! Delivering results based on the clients needs and objectives.  Global Risk Consulting is a solid and high performing investment into your business.  All our consultants are highly experienced, hands on, Risk Practitioners ensuring that you get professional support, service and advice, but more importantly, a favorable return on your investment.


Our Consulting Services are tailor made for clients requiring assistance in certain fields of expertise or where there is a problematic area within their safety system.  This service is purely done by coming in, auditing, reporting and making recommendations.  The client is then left to implement the corrective action.

  • Risk Assessments & Audits – OHASA legislated
  • Occupational Health & Safety System Design
  • Legal Compliance Auditing
  • Incident/Accident Investigation
  • Company Written Safe Work procedures
  • Training Course Development
  • Safety Equipment Inspections
  • Lifting Equipment Inspections
  • Fire Equipment Inspections
  • Fall Protection Plan (Audits & Assessments – Construction Industry Regulation)
  • Fire Evacuation Systems


We offer a number of Monthly Consultation packages for clients who feel that they do not have the resources to implement and maintain a Safety or Legal Compliance system.  This service is provided with a comprehensive safety program maintenance system that ensures a total quality legal compliance system that will be held in high esteem in the event of an intended prosecution by the Department of Labour.

  • Risk System: Implementation & Management
  • Health & Safety System: Implementation & Management
  • Monthly Inspection and Record of Equipment
  • On going Safety Awareness Programme Implementation
  • Monthly Compliance Audits
  • Safety Equipment Usage & Control
  • In House Training: “Management Person”
  • Incident/Accident Investigations
  • Health & Safety Committee Meetings


  • Occupational Health & Safety – Law & Industry Regulations Law Books
  • Personal Protective Equipment & Clothing
  • Legislated Documents, Checklists & Appointments
  • Legislated Permits
  • Regulation Signage
  • OHASA Aligned Safety  Files (Induction Level – Starter Kits)
  • Wall Charts & Visual Awareness Aids
  • Floor Demarcation & Fire Extinguishers


  • Quotations
    All quotations submitted are tailored to suit each Client’s special needs and requirements (on site, after hrs, rental of equipment etc). The quotation is valid for 15 days from date of issue.
  • Bookings
    All training booked is confirmed via a booking confirmation which is completed by your sales consulted and forwarded to you for confirmation, once signed and returned a VAT invoice will be issued immediately.
  • Cancellations
    Cancellations or postponements of training must be received in writing 5 working days prior to the course/seminar. A cancellation or postponement fee of 100% will be levied should written cancellation not be received.
  • Invoicing:
    An invoice is issued upon receipt of the booking confirmation. Said invoice is forwarded immediately thus negating payment.
  • Payment:
    Payment secures the delegates position in a particular course.
  • Certificates:
    These are issued within a week after completion of training to successful delegates, subject to payment having been received.
  • Claims – SETA
    According to the TRANSPORT SETA (TETA) you are entitled to claim for training undertaken through Global Learning Services.  Should you need assistance in this regard please do not hesitate to contact your local Global Learning Services Branch Manager.

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